Wooden pencil for picking up gems, pick up pencil.


Pick up rhinestones, gems, pearls, sequins or other miniature items easily.


The embellishment will stick to the sharpened part of the pencil and be ready for placing perfectly on your project! :)


approximately Standard Pencil size 17.5 cm or almost 7 inches long

Round shape


Sharpen and start picking up those tiny and small embellishments!

You will receive 1 unsharpened pencil

The pencil is the same feel and size as a standard pencil. The "lead" on the inside is slightly sticky and will pick up the gems but also allow them to be "dropped" where you want it to go. You just touch the pencil tip to the gem and it adheres enough to move it or place it just right.


I use these yes, as it's hard for my fingers to place the little gems just right. I don't find it has to be sharpened too much, as you can use it sharp pointed or dull pointed so you really only have to sharpen it when there is no more white "lead" sticking out.


The inside is made of a softer material than pencil lead.


Stock photo, your pencil will arrive not sharpened


I want you to be delighted with your purchase from me, so if you have any questions at all, please contact me and I will be more than happy to answer as soon as possible :) Your order will ship within 48 hrs!


Thank you for shopping at Layouts from the Heart and have a joyful, creative day!

Gem Pearl pick up Pencil for Smaller Embellishments Rhinestones Pearls Die Cuts


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